Solving Rapid Clicking: Paging Controls with Asynchronous server-side pagination

Today, I want to tell you about the hiccups in moving from infinite scroll paging pattern to forward and back buttons.

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Decoupling the HTTP data fetching service from a Paging Component

I have various HTTP services that fetch data from the server.

I have a single paging component that I want to use in a number of views.

Therefore, I need a way to inject different services into my paging component for the fetchData() function to use.

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Locally running SquareSpace


What is SquareSpace?

Squarespace is a content management system that enables users with little to no technical experience easily build, manage and host a website or blog.

If the default templates and behavior isn’t quite what you’re looking for, the platform offers “Developer Mode.” Turning this mode on for your site allows you to write custom templates and code snippets to modify your site’s default look, feel and behavior.

Tip: If you turn OFF developer mode, all that custom code disappears into the aether.  More about that here.

Why run locally?

As anyone with development experience knows, changes don’t always look or behave as planned and bugs happen.  To remove the risk of deploying a change that could break your site (or your client’s site) during the development process, it’s great practice to develop those changes locally, test them, and then push them to your live site once you’re sure they’re production ready.

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