My name is Ashley.

My job title is “Software Engineer.” I tried to get “code ninja” on my business cards, but that didn’t fly with the designer who was ordering them.  I never carry them so very few people have one. Additionally, I have never run out since the first order was placed and despite possible approval for a more creative job title, the need to order more has never come up.

I write code. I solve problems. I have fun doing it.

My blog’s called “Classically Geek” because I like the classically nerdy things in life. I did a few things out of order: my D&D character was based on my WoW character which I realize is not how life show flow but you seize opportunities when and where they come about. Family time with my brother, dad and husband involves playing CS:GO on the same server (and only sometimes on the same team). Lara Croft is my life-spiration.

When you find inspiration in the stories of heroes (elves, tomb raiders and the like), you end up with some interesting hobbies. I consider myself a fitness enthusiast because how else will I perform all those stunts Lara is capable? I shoot a recurve bow because that’s what my elves do. I’ve had marksmanship “tutoring” since a young age with my father being a firearms instructor in the military. I’ve tried my luck with parkour and tested out a handful of other things I saw in Tomb Raider: 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, scuba diving, kayaking and rock climbing.

I hope you enjoy whatever random stories or info ends up here.